GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | July 12, 2021

At the Markets We are well into the summer with an awesome variety of southern-state and local produce at our roadside stands! Here’s a list of current local produce at our roadside stands that are open every day: Here are some new things popping up from the farm that are starting to become available orContinue reading “GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | July 12, 2021”

GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | July 5, 2021

At the Markets What’s local at the roadside stands? We have several produce items that are now locally grown at our roadside stands! GAFWV Produce: Green and Yellow Zucchini Squash Pickling Cucumbers Large Cucumbers Cabbage Green Tomatoes (YES, you saw that correctly!) Yellow Tomatoes Cherry Tomatoes Half-Runner Beans Blueberries and Raspberries (red, black, golden) Romney,Continue reading “GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | July 5, 2021”