GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | June 21, 2021

At the Markets We are finally getting in produce from the farm! We are starting to get rhubarb, zucchini, squash, pickling cucumbers, green onions, cabbage, berries and the list is continuing to grow! These items are currently available ONLY at our once a week farmers markets until they become more abundant for our every dayContinue reading “GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | June 21, 2021”

It Finally Feels Like Summer – 10 Year Anniversary Edition

As the flower markets continue into the end of May, the produce markets are just around the corner… This will mark Green Acres Farm and Greenhouses’ 10th year of being open! As customers usually say, they know it’s finally summer once the produce markets open. To start off the produce season, we decided to makeContinue reading “It Finally Feels Like Summer – 10 Year Anniversary Edition”