GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | November 1, 2021

Last Days At the Markets Our Buckhannon and Elkins roadside stands are NOW CLOSED for the 2021 market season. However, the Anmoore market will remain open until about Friday, Nov 5th. Please come out and get some of the last produce of the season! But wait – we still have another farmers’ market coming up!Continue reading “GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | November 1, 2021”

GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | October 18, 2021

At the Markets This week holds the last of the pop-up farmers’ markets for the 2021 summer season. As we are saddened by this, we know harvest season cannot last forever… But our roadside stands will remain open every day for at least another week or two (different locations will have different closing dates)! UntilContinue reading “GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | October 18, 2021”

GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | October 12, 2021

At the Markets As we usually do by the middle of October, we shortened our hours once more. We are now closing at 6 PM throughout the week! We are still open everyday and have plenty of produce, so please stop by before the season ends! The Clarksburg Farmers Market 2021 season is about toContinue reading “GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | October 12, 2021”

GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | October 6, 2021

At the Markets Although some of our farmers markets are coming to a close for the 2021 season, our roadside stands are still open every day! Spooky season is nearly here and we have what you need to make your ghouly creations. Whether that be carving pumpkins or super strange pumpkins… We bring in newContinue reading “GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | October 6, 2021”

GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | July 12, 2021

At the Markets We are well into the summer with an awesome variety of southern-state and local produce at our roadside stands! Here’s a list of current local produce at our roadside stands that are open every day: Here are some new things popping up from the farm that are starting to become available orContinue reading “GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | July 12, 2021”

GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | July 5, 2021

At the Markets What’s local at the roadside stands? We have several produce items that are now locally grown at our roadside stands! GAFWV Produce: Green and Yellow Zucchini Squash Pickling Cucumbers Large Cucumbers Cabbage Green Tomatoes (YES, you saw that correctly!) Yellow Tomatoes Cherry Tomatoes Half-Runner Beans Blueberries and Raspberries (red, black, golden) Romney,Continue reading “GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | July 5, 2021”

GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | June 28, 2021

At the Markets Summer Produce Summer is finally heating up and let’s just say the produce are loving it! Here is what’s in store for our customers: From Green Acres Farm WV: Blueberries, Red Raspberries, Black Raspberries High tunnel Cherry Tomatoes High tunnel red and yellow Tomatoes (FINALLY!) Pickling Cucumbers Straight Eight and English CucumbersContinue reading “GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | June 28, 2021”

GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | June 21, 2021

At the Markets We are finally getting in produce from the farm! We are starting to get rhubarb, zucchini, squash, pickling cucumbers, green onions, cabbage, berries and the list is continuing to grow! These items are currently available ONLY at our once a week farmers markets until they become more abundant for our every dayContinue reading “GAFWV Weekly Newsletter | June 21, 2021”