We offer a variety of produce throughout the season. Early in the summer, we offer out-of-state produce until harvest season begins! Refer to our WV Harvest Sheets below to know about when we should expect local produce at our markets.

*Please keep in mind that harvest times will vary depending on the weather conditions, insect infestation, disease, natural damage, etc. These are estimated times of the year we should expect local produce. We have an advantage of growing some produce within our greenhouse to get some items earlier (limited & would be distributed to Bridgeport/Clarksburg/Star City/Terra Café/WVU Medicine farmers markets first until becomes abundant); However, we do grow a substantial amount of produce outdoors in our fields, which could affect actual harvesting times.

*The WV Harvest Sheets may not have everything we offer listed, such as different pepper varieties, different apple varieties, etc. as they may have different harvesting times. This is a more generalized list of our most popular items that we grow, and what we don’t grow but still offer. We are always looking into growing different things every year, so if you are looking for something that isn’t on the list, contact us to see if when we may expect it!

Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program and WIC Vouchers

We do accept the SFMNP and WIC vouchers at all of our locations for WV grown produce only! Refer to the WV Harvest Sheets above to see about when produce is grown locally to be eligible to spend your vouchers on! SFMNP and WIC vouchers are not able to be spent on out-of-state produce. If you have any more questions about the SFMNP and WIC vouchers, please refer to our FAQ tab or talk to your local participating senior center/WIC office.

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