Special Orders

If you’d like to pre-order what we currently have available in bulk, click on the order form below to get started! If you’d like to plan where you’d like to pick up your order, refer to our Markets page to see where our locations are and our times of operation. We have roadside stands that open every day and attend once-a week farmers markets throughout the week.

We need at least a two days notice to fulfill a special order. However, requesting a special order DOES NOT guarantee its delivery (depends on availability at the time). Please keep in mind the uncontrollable factors that may affect delivery time, such as weather conditions, natural damage, delayed ripening, out of season, etc.

If you are a restaurant or large-scale kitchen operation that would like to place a special order, email us for more information at greenacresfarmwv@gmail.com or call (304)997-9656.

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