Employment Opportunities

Open Market Positions for Season 2023:

  • Anmoore Flower/Produce Market
  • Elkins Produce Market (Start Late May/June 2023)

Market Application

Develop teamwork, people and leadership skills that you can carry through all opportunities in life! Not only will you work on getting a natural tan, but you’ll be able to engage with your community, develop a great work ethic and gain a rewarding experience at Green Acres. Applicants can apply starting at 16 years of age, and we are high school, college and part-time friendly!

  • Self-motivated
  • Friendly and enthusiastic
  • Communicable
  • Flexible schedule
  • Honest
Job Description
  • Customers Associate
    • Friendly personality and positive attitude towards customers
    • Self-determined to actively learn and ask questions when unclear about something
    • Greets, assists and thanks each customer
    • Anticipate customer’s needs
  • Market Maintenance
    • Clean and neatly organize market each day
    • Rotates produce inventory properly
    • Display the produce and flowers as best as possible (always full tables, ensure no bad produce are on tables, deadhead flowers, etc.)
    • Display accurate and legible signs for each product
    • Stays communicative with other market associates to ensure market operations go accordingly
    • Send inventory end of the day to ensure markets are stocked the next day
  • Cash Register
    • Maintain an accurate cash register
    • Report accurately balanced register on deposits and inventory reports
    • Maintain accurate start-of-the-day change
Flower Market

Anmoore and Buckhannon Markets (April-June)

  • Water and fertilize flowers specified by manager and owners
  • Clean, dead-head and organize flowers for better displaying
  • Will continually learn basic knowledge of plant names and characteristics on the job
Produce Market
  • Sort through and rotate produce daily to ensure the best is out on display
  • Organize through product to ensure nothing is bad on the table and through boxes of produce in the inventory
  • Will maintain knowledge of produce information on the job

Farm Application

Farm Laborer
  • Six-month seasonal position in Rock Cave, WV
  • Qualifications
    • Reliable and dependable
    • Self-motivated
    • Strong work initiative and ethic
    • Able to take directions to accomplish the daily tasks of the farm
    • Able to work weekends
Delivery Driver
  • Six-month seasonal position in Rock Cave, WV
  • Qualifications
    • Self-motivated
    • Honest
    • Ability to lift, load and deliver products that weight about 50 lbs
    • Must have a drivers license and a class D license
    • Previous driving experience preferred
    • Must have flexible hours, including weekends
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