About Us

Pati and Lupe’s love for farming originated over 20 years ago in Southern Ohio. They began their journey as business owners of Green Acres Farm and Greenhouses LLC in 2011. When the esteemed Hawkins family agreed to lease their farmland to them, Pati and Lupe embarked on their path to bring North Central West Virginia locally grown produce and flowers. They’ve since expanded from 15 acres back in 2011 to approximately 35 acres of farmland to make their mark in Rock Cave, West Virginia! As of today, Green Acres currently has 3 farm stands, attend 5 farmers markets, and hold an annual corn maze. However, they still have many more plans to continue growing their business in our home among the hills.

Pati’s passions for flower growing and serving our community are what create the foundation of our growing support for Green Acres Farm. She is a multifaceted woman who not only works with her flowers, but operates the markets, sells at the once-a-week farmers markets and works in the fields with Lupe! She creates beautifully one-of-a-kind combinations and is behind the market’s expansion beyond Upshur County!

Lupe is the man that grows the produce from the farm to your tables. He directs the the growth and harvest within the greenhouses and among the fields alongside multiple field employees. His hard-work is worth it for him to see our customer’s support and satisfaction with his homegrown crops!

Family Farm

Diego loves attending the markets with his mom to help sell flowers and produce! He also loves riding the four-wheeler to oversee the farm along with his dad and the family dogs!

The farming business takes a team! You can find the kids at the markets and in the garden working with their parents during the summer. Whether they decide to carry on with Green Acres Farms or not, they will hold what they have learned from their experience with the family business through all walks of life… That hard work ethic and dedication is what creates success!

Cristal recently graduated with her bachelor of science degree and is currently pursuing her masters. Although school keeps her busy, she takes pride in the family business and loves working for her family every summer that she can!
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