It Finally Feels Like Summer – 10 Year Anniversary Edition

As the flower markets continue into the end of May, the produce markets are just around the corner… This will mark Green Acres Farm and Greenhouses’ 10th year of being open! As customers usually say, they know it’s finally summer once the produce markets open.

To start off the produce season, we decided to make a change with our way of connecting with you all… Through a new website! We are now launching (NOTE it is no longer .com). This way, if you are not on any social medias or more attached to your email, you can subscribe to us and get updates through our new site.

For our 10th year being open, this flower season has been so successful through Mother’s Day and despite the cold! Now that it is getting warmer, we hope to start opening produce markets with delicious out-of-state produce until our hard-to-beat homegrown produce starts to come in. Luckily for Anmoore, their produce season has just begun!

Keep up with Green Acres and who knows! Maybe we will bring back a fall tradition we skipped out on last year… We will keep you posted! Until then, THANK YOU to all of our amazing customers that have supported us for 10 YEARS! We cannot wait to bring you all of the seasonal goodness through summer 2021.

Cristal Espinosa
Cristal Espinosa

Market manager / Graduate student / Farmers daughter

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